9 am to 5 pm

Monday to Friday

Office: Saul House, Ruston Way

Lincoln LN6 7FQ

01522 797307


About Us

100% owned and managed family run business. We own and manage all of our properties and maintain them to the highest standards.

We want your stay in Lincoln to have a home from home feeling. It is important to us that your stay is a part of what we hope will be a happy experience of University Life in Lincoln.

We ensure a genuine 24/7 emergency helpline, which will be answered by us personally and not by a call centre.

We are committed to providing a personalised service, acknowledging that all of our students are individuals and we will continue to set the highest standards for student accommodation in Lincoln. We are always just a phone call away, whatever your problem may be, we have extensive experience in assisting and resolving any problems that can arise within a student property.

To set the standards for the provision of safe, comfortable, and practical student accommodation and service, we will constantly improve our accommodation and services by listening to the needs of our tenants, being aware of any technology changes and staying abreast of health and safety along with any other appropriate legislation, thereby enabling us to be the leaders in providing the best student accommodation service available.

APS Student vs Lincoln Student Accommodation Agents

APS StudentAgents
APS 100% own and manage all our properties.Agencies just let the properties and sometimes manage them on behalf of a landlord.
Financial interest in the property ensures the condition is kept to the highest standard.Agencies do not own the property, therefore, cannot control the upkeep and condition.
Personal and caring service from a family business, contactable 24 hours a day.Agency staff leave work behind once the office is closed.
24 hours emergency number answered by a family member and not a call centre.Agencies use out of hours call centres to take the calls, where messages will be taken and not dealt with until the following working day.
All properties offer the same level of service and products, making it much easier to understand what you are getting. Then you can simply just look at the location and the house.Agencies have to advertise what the landlord wants to include making each property different depending on the landlord. This can be difficult for the potential tenant to understand what is included.
APS can tailor your contract lengths to suit your requirements.Agencies have to maximise the contract lengths up to 51 weeks in some cases.
Any repairs which require decisions are dealt with promptly.Agencies have to seek quotations, then authorisation from the Landlord before works can be started, which can create long delays for tenants.
No security deposit or application fees.Most agencies ask for a security deposit to secure a property and charge application fees, both of which can be difficult to find on a student budget.
APS can deal with individual requirements personally, whether it be relating to the property or finance.Agencies are required to provide the Landlord with the rent as per the agreement.