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Wi-Fi Issues

If you are having issues with your internet, before calling the office please try the following things;

  1. Reset the box and your device, wait a couple of minutes and try to connect again
  2. Reset the box, not by turning it on and off but by putting a pin into the reset button under the power button. Hold the pin in for a 10 seconds and release. All of the lights will flash on then off again. Wait a couple of seconds and they will slowly start to come on one by one. Once all the lights are lit again, reset all of your devices and try to connect
  3. Check the Virgin Media website on the following link to see if there is an issue in the area https://my.virginmedia.com/faults/service-status. You will need your postcode to do this, see your key packs or APS folder

If all of the above fails, please call the office and we will send a member of staff to you as soon as possible.