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We need to view your house to be able to let for the next academic year. It is no different from what you did the year previous and is an essential part of our business. We do try to limit viewings to certain times of the year, but sometimes with people leaving University etc. a room that was originally let will become available again which means we have to start viewing again.

We will give you reasonable notice, normally a days’ notice, of viewing your house. We will inform you what areas of the house we will need to see i.e. the communal areas and room 2 and give you an approximate time of the visit.

Houses should be in a clean and tidy condition in preparation of a viewing, as this will help in letting the house and once it’s let then we can leave you in peace!

Only in exceptionally circumstances will we not go ahead with a viewing if a current tenant requests. You must notify us in writing and explain why we cannot attend. If you continuously refuse viewings we will be unable to let the property and the viewings will only continue longer into your tenancy. We also may arrange a meeting with yourselves if this becomes an on-going issue. 

Sometimes viewings that have booked in do not turn up and give no notice, so we do apologise in advance if we have booked to view but we do not attend. It is not always possible to notify everyone of a no-show or cancellation.

If you are interested in viewing, get in touch today through our contact page!